Sometimes a game players or IT experts need to figure out how fast they can play a gaming mouse. This is necessary for evaluating click speed or mouse speed as well as improving game performance. This page was made to accurately measure the cps rate of fracture. Usually, it is assessed in the CPS Test. You can check that it is not a stopwatch, but the result will not be as accurate as of the one you get on this page.


With the CPS meter test you will get:

  • A specific CPS test number
  • Great test run
  • Evaluation of the result after each test
  • Speed ​​on the long-distance chart
  • Historical overview of the CPS (in part of the tests)
  • Ability to share the result.

Step by step instructions on how to USE the CPS TEST

  • Press the green Start button to start the test.
  • Continue touching the latch until the time runs out.
  • Get your score.

In case you need to start all over again there is a reset button.

CPS Tester records markers for a test lasting at least 5 seconds, clearly showing how to capture speed changes as you play. This way you need to track finger cps results, especially during longer cps tests.


For some players, it is possible to click the 5-7 CPS counter from 10 seconds to an instant. This bid does not require any single click procedure. 7-8 is a decent indicator that is not that hard to achieve in short-time trials. 9 and this is just the beginning; overall it is also an excellent number. It is very difficult to achieve with one click as it requires extraordinary skills.

In addition to the measurements, the normal click rate is 6.25 and the overall record is 14.1.

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